: Pointy Dointy :

Been to so many private sales and this pair of pointy dointy is one of my fav! ph. by g. Black Pointy Heels – Stella McCartney

: sexies and the city :

Sex and the City is just a very good excuse for girls to dress up and go to the movie. I was amazed about all the ppl dressing up – I’ve never seen the entire cinema is packed with girls (well, there were a few gays)! It just felt like a night club… ph. by … Continue reading

: Shake the Ruffs :

ph. by g. Dress: H&M

: Cute Dog Playing with a Happy Baby :

OMG! This is just tooo cute! I just can’t resist to share it with everybody! There are so many ways that dogs express themselves. Their love, their respect, and care to their masters. It is somehow quite an issue if you have a dog yourself and it’s got so used to being the center of … Continue reading

: It’s Black, it’s White :

I used to be an ‘all black’ person. I’ve made an effort to change a bit but somehow, I do carry black and white colors best. Therefore, they’re my favorite colors! It’s always safe to wear them in any occasions!

: Fashion Maps :

Hello lovers! I know I know… I haven’t updated anything for quite a while ’cause I’ve been busy with work (we’ve moved our cosmetics counter in the department store ytd morning!) Apologies!