: Fashion Maps :

Hello lovers!

I know I know… I haven’t updated anything for quite a while ’cause I’ve been busy with work (we’ve moved our cosmetics counter in the department store ytd morning!) Apologies!

My boyfriend’s parents visited HK 2 weeks ago and stayed for 10 days. This is actually my first time meeting them. So before that, my boyfriend briefed me about their likes and dislikes pretty well. I find it really interesting that his dad collects maps. Yes, MAPS. Any kind of maps.

I was browsing through those pics we took and this idea suddenly popped up: are there any fashion maps available? If not, I think Google should think about it as I’m sure everyone will find it useful.

Design by Andrey Petrov

Design by Daniele Sandri

by Uniqlo

This idea is very cute indeed! This is why I love the wit and sensibility of Japanese people/creations.

ph. by INK

This one is my favorite. If I have an illustrated map of my messy closet, I’m sure my maid can arrange all the clothes and bags properly without me telling her where to put what. Very systematic!

Ok, time for bed now… need some beauty sleep =P

Nite nite!



4 Responses to “: Fashion Maps :”
  1. anwa says:

    These are so cool! My favorite one is the one made of buttons and fabric. :)

  2. Mads says:

    I love this! Thanks for the info.. :)

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