: It’s Black, it’s White :

I used to be an ‘all black’ person.

I’ve made an effort to change a bit but somehow, I do carry black and white colors best. Therefore, they’re my favorite colors! It’s always safe to wear them in any occasions!

This is just p-e-r-f-e-c-t for work!

Love the floating big ruffles! R-o-m-a-n-t-i-c!

This is one of my fav outfit! The neck piece is absolutely stunning! Not too glam but not subtle either.

I can see her shining!

This is just a bit boring. No surprise at all.

Rag and Bone 2011 Resort

Rachel Roy 2011 Resort

*My Fav of the Season! Simple and Chic*



2 Responses to “: It’s Black, it’s White :”
  1. anwa says:

    Omg, I love the dress in the second photo and the jacket in the sixth. I agree; I’m also love wearing black-and-white clothing. I think it’s because sometimes what color you wear depends on what the weather’s like, but black and white are stylish year-round.

    • gglush says:

      But the problem with black color clothes is that they might have different shades of black due to the material difference and the dye stuff. I always hate matching black to black when they actually look different in color!

      the ‘real’ black-black is my fave =)
      today’s a rainy day and i bet black matches!!

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