: Shake the Ruffs :

ph. by g.

Dress: H&M

This is one of my fav. dress! It’s iron-free, light, very good for summer.

And most of all, the floaty movement of the ruffles along the sides is so feminine when you’re walking with some summer breezes! I got one in black but I thought nude is nice and easy to wear too =)



4 Responses to “: Shake the Ruffs :”
  1. anwa says:

    Ooh! That’s such a pretty dress, and I love your image sequence :) Nude dresses are so pretty, but the fashion industry never thinks about black people like me when they’re making them… :(

    • gglush says:

      Thanks Anwa! This dress just makes me shake my shoulders non-stop!

      Well, nude dresses are not easy to wear… I guess it depends on how you mix and match? Maybe with some colorful or black accessories will make it better? =)

  2. i’ve bought EXACTLY the same dress! :D (of cos I bought huge size) love love love this dress

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