: Confidential | Chanel Haute Couture Fittings :

ph. by Vincent Lappartient The lion head is hilarious! Who would expect sth like that to appear in Chanel’s Haute Couture? So Lagerfeld claimed that the idea came from the fact that Coco Chanel herself was born as a Leo. “The colour, fauve,” says Lagerfeld, “was something I thought was right for the mood.” Bet … Continue reading

: Fashion Bug :

ph. by Khuong Nguyen This is a funny idea. Nicely done – clean and direct. I love them a lot more than the Louboutin campaign. xxx g.

: Business Secrets :

ph. by lifehacker I’ve been working in events management for a couple years and I personally believe in the whole ‘company culture’ thing. Originally, the company office was a bit ‘cyber-looking’, which I think is a bit out-dated. With the nature of the job, I strongly suggest to make it look as simple, modern, and … Continue reading

: Where? :

Summer in HK is always a problem to me. Yesterday we had black rain signal (apparently there were floods in some areas) and I was stuck at work. I reckon I get more and more easily annoyed by all these weather. I love winter/autumn a lot more! If I were given a chance to move … Continue reading

: mix mix mix:

I am not a big fan of the yellow color… but somehow, it by no doubt is a good pop-up for the outfit. My previous perception of a mustard color has changed! i reckon it’s a new classic! I don’t have a fair skin color and thought I will look pale carrying the color. But … Continue reading

: Events = Non-stop Hardwork = Fun :

All of a sudden, I was browsing my photos in my bf’s computer… and found this picture (see below). Time flies. I didn’t know I have already graduated for 4 yrs and that means, I have been working for 4 yrs. I don’t know if I am fortunate or not by getting into the events … Continue reading

: H-E-C-T-I-C :

My dearies, I really have to apologize for not being able to update my blog for sooo long. I know, sun’s coming out and people tend to go out a lot for beach, bbqs…etc. Too bad that I have started my new job and it’s kinda killing me right now. Frankly, I like the people, … Continue reading