: Blow & Wear :

I am not totally keen on all the plasticky like materials for fashion, as it always feels like it’s sticky, hot, and makes squeaky sound. By the look o f these designs of Rie Hosokai, they simply flip around the negative impression. They somehwat look rather feminine, floaty, even soft. I wonder if she used … Continue reading

: Fashion Spilt :

People might be too compromising. I simply don’t understand why everyone loves everything fashion magazines present. It’s time to be critical and stop being fed with all those marketing stories. Maybe I am in the marketing field and totally understand how it works. The whole brand image is the first thing that impresses you. The … Continue reading

: Magical Mud Masks :

Being in the beauty business is tiring. I have never had so many pimples on my face! My manager told me it’s because of the pressure. (people say when you have acne on your forehead, it means you don’t have enough sleep; when they’re on your chin, you don’t have good digestion; on your cheeks, … Continue reading