: Control Key :

Control, Option, Command This is what I need….  

: Christian Louboutin Private Preview :

Got an invitation to Christian Louboutin’s private preview! Wee*

: Metal-liks :

photo by Sharon Mor Yosef   Call me loud… i love metallics! Metal-Likes! xx

: Prison Break :

  This is my first time going into a prison…. This is one in Central HK, which has a long history. It has been made empty and is now used for selected design/art exhibitions. Frankly, the first impression was kinda cold. There are some dark rooms which you can imagine what would take place in … Continue reading

: Department Store Marathon :

I have just finished a 14hrs marathon…. in a department store. Yes. It’s our brand’s private event in a local department store. It’s super hectic but I’m glad it went well…. kinda chaotic though. I love events, don’t get me wrong… it’s just that the retail business has got soo much to do with products … Continue reading

: True Mix & Match :

Mix and matching is like an in-born instinct for everyone now… but it normally only limits to tops and bottoms, handbags and shoes…. and at most, extra accessories. We can definitely do better than that. I’d love to have this cool collar closet at home! A perfect outfit can truly be flawless if we can … Continue reading

: Hallowqueen :

I’ve always wanted to blog but time and work don’t allow… Now that I’ve downloaded the wordpress app, I’ll make gd use of my time on the way to work/home for blogging :) Latest happenings? Well, there’re a couple but the happiest thing is me and my boy’s first yr anniversary. We met at this … Continue reading