: Department Store Marathon :

I have just finished a 14hrs marathon…. in a department store.

Yes. It’s our brand’s private event in a local department store. It’s super hectic but I’m glad it went well…. kinda chaotic though. I love events, don’t get me wrong… it’s just that the retail business has got soo much to do with products – i.e. the warehousing and logistics arrangements are all a pain.

But what I enjoyed the most the is quietness in the department store early in the morning. kinda nice to walk around (but a bit too quickly) and check out the latest collections =P


2 Responses to “: Department Store Marathon :”
  1. anwa says:

    that sounds fun! here in montreal, we have the biggest underground mall in the world — they run full marathons around the stores, it’s so big :)

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