: magenta – the new unisex color :

I never liked pink or magenta that much and have never worn a magenta shirt. At most I only have a pair of heels in that color… yes, I admit I am stubborn about dark colors but I’m in love with this look….   Proper, classic, modern… all in one. LOVE xxx g.

: nostalgic love :

The sun is finally out! Decided to have a walk on an island to say hello to mr. Sun. Guess what this is!? (tip: it’s not a car)

: Moncler Fall 2011 Dance Campaign :

What’s better than showing your collection in the busiest public area? I simply love this campaign idea… burst out dancing with a hundred dancers dressed in full ski clothing together with the 2-fingered gloves… poor girl having to dance in the pencil skirt =P   but somehow, i’m not sure about the music and the … Continue reading

: Black Swan Rodarte “State of Matter” Exhibition :

Black Swan is a big hit… and so is Rodarte. if you want to check out the pretty costumes, better get ready and plan ahead!   Rodarte: States of Matter will be on view from March 4-June 5, 2011, at MOCA Pacific Design Center

: helmuts save your lives :

i love anything that makes you stand out of the crowd. but not too over-the-top ones. the difference-among-the-same works everytime. especially when they are cool and functional! by Jerome Coste at Les Ateliers Ruby xxx g.

: experiments :

have found some fabrics i dyed. i absolutely love the color… pure and natural. decided to use a big piece simply as kimono sleeves of this top. what do you think? xxx g.

: so, so, SO :

so, so, SOOOOO~ Here I am! Yes. I know, I have been too busy with work and don’t even have time during weekends. For the fact that I have resigned, (but still don’t know about my last day), I will pick up writing very very soon. A brief update on my personal life, I am … Continue reading