: so, so, SO :

so, so, SOOOOO~

Here I am! Yes. I know, I have been too busy with work and don’t even have time during weekends. For the fact that I have resigned, (but still don’t know about my last day), I will pick up writing very very soon.

A brief update on my personal life, I am starting this project of handicraft. Still need a plan for that while figuring out a way to support myself for what I really want to do. Somehow, I have a feeling that I won’t give up the thought of creating something of my own without giving it a try. I mean a fully-dedicated effort and time.

It’s just a sneak peek of the starting of the project. The other morning when I woke up early in the morning getting ready for work, this image was like Jesus landing on the earth. Perfect weather, beautiful dummy standing there, waiting for our date after 5 years. I HAVE to do something.

Wish me luck!




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