: NEW Item – Jane :

nice weather, good time to stay indoors and create! hope you like it =) please visit :: g.lush :: page for more xxx g.

: Opera House Curtain Illusion – foil? :

yes, this is just cool… where on earth can you see a gigantic piece of aluminum foil made of cotton, wool, and polyester. this 3D illusion is  created by artist Pae White called “Metafoil” at Oslo Opera House. i really wanna go and have a look myself!  

: Vintage Crayons :

who hasn’t done drawings with crayons?! they are just lovely! I usually love new things but these vintage crayons are only for cool kids* *yes, if i hv kids, they will each get a pack of vintage ones… maybe i should buy some now and wait for 10 years to make it vintage by then … Continue reading

: Audition for NEW PUSSYCAT DOLLS :

lots of people put ‘singing’ and ‘dancing’ into their hobbies or profession column on their profiles. if you really wanna proof it, read below:   yea… i know it might be a bit rush for those not in the states… sorry guys =P good luck! g.


FINALLY! below are a couple of handmade accessories for sale… you can visit my facebook page here for more designs. only 1pc available for each style so DO let me know asap if you are interested (just leave a message below the pic you like and i’ll contact you)   clutches and bags are coming very soon!! … Continue reading

: Juicy Couture Ice Cream :

Juicy Couture is giving away free PINK ICE CREAM from their ice-cream truck today and tomorrow (26-27 March). A chance to win HK$2000 cash coupon if you take a nice pic of yourself and put it to ImagineX facebook with a cool caption. Truck location: near Sogo in Causeway Bay good luck girls!

: Y-3 Yamamoto’s Dream :

who would ever expect Yamamoto doesn’t like fashion at all? his love of cutting is great enough to keep his passion in the industry… amazing check out the video here directed by Theo Stanley Follow my blog with bloglovin

: GAGA goes Google :

just watch  

: CAN Clean Air Art Exhbition IFC :

living in asia might mean living with a certain level of air pollution as the city size is always small (comparing with europe) and lots of motor vehicles around (well, you know how it’s like with traffic jams in HK, Shanghai, and Bankok). this  Clean Air Network provides information of the actual air pollution in … Continue reading

: RIP Elizabeth Taylor :

RIP Elizabeth Taylor She passed away today at age 79 of congestive heart failure. Respect for the charitable heart and the utmost beauty of being a lady.