: Valentino Friends & Family Sale :

have fun!

: I.T. Hysan One Opening :

I.T. tram in front of I.T. Hysan One glitter all over i have no idea what i was doing.. crowded! it’s just like a reunion party for schoolmates =)

: slim chips – hafsteinn juliusson :

love chips but wanna lose weight? yea, everyone has the same problem. junk food weaknesses. maybe this one is a good idea: it is a fun project developed by hafsteinn juliusson. using edible paper to create a nutrition-less chips. eat as much as you want! and i love the colors!!



: Viktor & Rolf – Battle for the Sun :

Battle for the Sun http://www.anothermag.com/swf/player/player.swf Shot backstage at Viktor & Rolf’s autumn/winter 2011 show in Paris. design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have created their own galaxy for autumn/winter 2011 – scarlet-faced warrior queens march out to do battle, in preparation for a war against beauty. “We were compelled to create an army – an army to battle … Continue reading

: Bottega Veneta – “Viaggio Notturno” :

it somehow gives me a feeling of Wong Ka Wei’s 2046…

: Janie Taylor for Chloe :

went to see a chinese doctor the other day… it’s just amazing that he pressed my wrist for less than 30sec and told me all my tiniest problems. he even knows that i haven’t had any exercise for more than half a year… omg. i seriously need to get my ass back to dancing

: Christopher Kane – Liquid :

wow… i duno what words i should use to describe the liquid clutches… can you help me fill in the blanks? OMG… these clutches are ______________ Christopher Kane A/W2011 btw, prices for the clutch start at £385

: Visible? Invisible? – Nendo :

‘visible structures’ is nendo‘s installation of more than 12 pieces of furniture – benches, stools, chairs, tables and bookcases. the cool part is that they re made from foam core, reinforced with industrial strength carbon tape. they all go invisible when the lines are not added to the surface… stools dining chair arm chair hahahaa xxx … Continue reading

: “Invisible shoe” by Anderia Chaves :

“Invisible shoe” by Anderia Chaves now exhibiting at I.T HYSAN ONE i’m gonna go tmr!! love them shooo much!