: headism :

A friend of mine is a very successful attention grabber, and an excellent MC at events. He once said that you need to make jokes to entertain your audience, but you don’t want to make fun of anyone and make them feel bad. So the only way to do it is to put down your own dignity for a couple minutes and make fun of yourself – which you know what’s the best point you can make. I have observed for quite a while and it really works… every time.

This Headism is just reminding me of that as well….

Headism is a collaborative project and exhibition with artist Philip Levine and body artist Kat Sinclair. London born Philip began to go bold back in 2006 and started using his head as a canvas for creativity. He did not want to conform to shaving his head like everyone else so started using it as an art form to express.

He actually even make it an exhibition showcasing ten of his head designs, photographed by myself, showing at the NL Dutch Cultural Pop Up Space between 4th – 9th May 2011. The exhibition was supported by brand Gillette and gained recognition as one of Time Out’s top 5 exhibitions to see in London.

Posters were in London Underground promoting the show, with a short film displayed on the platform of the central line at Liverpool Street…


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