: Ferragamo exhibition – Ispirazioni e Visioni :

it’s every girl’s interest to appreciate and try on shoes… especially elegant, well fitted ones. Ferragamo is having a shoe exhibition in the prestigious Palazzo Spini Feroni, curated by Stefania Ricci and Sergio Risaliti, until March 2012. be it a marketing campaign before getting listed (are they still preparing to get listed in HK??), or simply a showcase of the quality works of the master, it’s totally worth going if you are in italy.

The over 255 pieces, displayed in rotation, including  99 models that Salvatore Ferragamo realized from the Twenties to the end of 1950, will be paired to 156 works of art from private and public collections, Italian and international: the aim is to stimulate a reflection intertlacing art, history and couture, strictly connected to the name and the heritage of  Ferragamo, in a  backward  journey searching for his sources of inspiration.

British designer Stephen Jones has created 3 hats which will be showcased in the exhibition as well.

Sandal, 1957

Ballerina, 1953-57

Laced Shoes, 1936-38… I LOVE this one! can’t believe they have beautiful shoes like this in the 30s!

picture by Andy Warhol, 1956

Stephen Jones’ Hats

Stephen Jones & guest


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