: Emilio Pucci – Pony Pony Pony! :

we are lurving this pony bag from EMILIO PUCCI!!!!!!

: Givenchy Panther Ear Hat :

this Givenchy panther ear hat is just too cute =P

: The Peninsula Hotel – Spring Moon Mooncakes :

September is just around the corner… and we are too old to worry about schools. what comes in mind is definitely lanterns and mooncake time!! who hasn’t heard about the yummilicious mooncakes from the Chinese restaurant Spring Moon in The Peninsula Hotel? why mooncakes? The mooncake tradition stems from the mid 14th century Yuan Dynasty … Continue reading

: L’Homme Libre YSL :

L’Homme Libre YSL – the new fragrance for men the ad is about possessing freedom by dancer Benjamin Millepied, husband of Natalie Portman. there’re all the reasons for him to be the icon of the ad… it’s not his first time engaging in fashion related campaigns – he had posed for Club Monaco’s 2010 fall … Continue reading

: the nail designer behind Lady Gaga :

liking the fancy nails always appearing on Lady Gaga‘s fingerrrs? you need to know this lady Aya Fukuda from japan. she’s born and raised in her motherland but decided to move to NY to explore. so there she is! she found her way – a great one =) some of her cool works: yes, it’s … Continue reading

: FENDI X Maserati :

when high fashion meets supreme motors = Fendi X Maserati The Maserati GranCabrio Fendi designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi is born from the union of two iconic brands of the Made in Italy, which share common values such as craftsmanship and tradition. Silvia Venturini Fendi A masterpiece of technology and craftsmanship, the Maserati GranCabrio Fendi … Continue reading

: Helmut Lang – Making it Hard :

Helmut Lang, the name in the fashion industry retired from fashion six years ago. but now, the Austrian-born but NYC-based multi-creative turned his attention to art. this “Making it Hard” exhibition The Fireplace Project in East Hamptons outside New York – he shredded his entire archive, after donating the rest of his collected work to … Continue reading

: Juicy Couture Totes Collection Fall 2011 :

Juicy Couture is famous for it’s girly style, and if you like it, you can’t miss their tote bags for fall 2011. these everyday bags are perfect matching with jeans, tees, flipflops,…etc! i love them cause you can always put everything in it =) Chalkboard Crest HK$990 Je T’aime Tote HK$990 Eau De Couture Tote … Continue reading

: Stella Mccartney Perfume – The Print Collection :

how can you not love this “The Print Collection” perfumes by Stella McCartney? somehow, us girls buying perfumes is 70% by appearance of the bottle (u get to be interested first) and then 30% by the smell. this limited collection has truly done very well in the first visual impression bit. caught my eye instantly … Continue reading

: Chipkos – world’s most expensive flip flops :

would you pay US$18,000 for a pair of flip flops? why – it’s for the saving of 100,000 square feet of endangered rainforest – that’s what Chipkos is hoping with the release of its square-toed sandals, based on the sixties ashram scene of India and hand-painted by Los Angeles artist David Palmer. various colors and … Continue reading