: The Peninsula Hotel – Spring Moon Mooncakes :

September is just around the corner… and we are too old to worry about schools. what comes in mind is definitely lanterns and mooncake time!! who hasn’t heard about the yummilicious mooncakes from the Chinese restaurant Spring Moon in The Peninsula Hotel?

why mooncakes?

The mooncake tradition stems from the mid 14th century Yuan Dynasty when General Zhu Yuan-Chang signalled the start of an uprising by hiding messages in the mooncakes and distributing them to his supporters.  General Zhu went on to lead the ensuing riot and found the Ming Dynasty.


the making of:

Spring Moon’s Executive Chef Frankie Tang and Dim Sum Chef Yip Wing Wah have finally finished the annual mooncake marathon this year.  The team have produced a staggering 400,000 hand-made mooncakes, using 110,000 eggs!!! WAH!

Laid side by side, in total, these mooncakes is over one and a half times the height of Mount Everest, surpassing the world’s highest peak!!  In Hong Kong terms, that’s nearly half way to the Hong Kong International Airport from The Peninsula, 33 times the height of International Finance Centre II; 32 times the height of The Peak; or 150 times the height of The Peninsula Tower, standing at 28 floors!!!!! and can you believe it – they’re all sold out yonks ago! i’m lucky to have a friend pre-ordered a box for me (i wanted 4 boxes but no luck)… so if you want to have a taste (definitely worth a try), do it in August 2012 (or ask around your local friends earlier!!)

At the height of production, 27 staff in the Spring Moon kitchen produce 12,000 of the signature hand-made mooncakes per day.  Despite such breakneck activity, even this i
s not always enough to satisfy the demand (obviously), explains Dim Sum Master, Chef Yip, “If we could make twice as many, we could still sell all of them.” – sooooo true, as usual every year!


how can it be so yummmmm?

The trick in creating Spring Moon’s coveted mooncakes, according to Chef Yip, is to get the pastry just right. It should be light and delicate, but strong enough to withstand the baking process. While the exact proportions and nature of the ingredients he uses for the filling are a closely-guarded secret, Chef Yip follows a traditional recipe using rich duck eggs to produce the finest quality mooncake in both texture and flavour.


be smart to order early next year:

A box of eight mooncakes is priced at HK$ 228. Guests can download an order form from the hotel’s website or make advance telephone orders, normally starting from August. good luck peeps!




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