: narciso rodriguez in color :

the first glance at those fabrics makes me feel like i’m back to uni… scrolling the isles of the fabric market after school, having serious headache about the graduation show… all those blah blah blahs… and after all, it’s just a bitter fun – the heaven of fabrics where you will keep buying and buying, and end up having to call a mini van (even the well prepared luggage wouldn’t fit) home… haha!

and these Narciso Rodriguez fabric inspired fragrances are as seductive as the draped fabrics on the boxes:

 “The story of narciso rodriguez in color began one late Sunday night. I’d begun experimenting with many colors and making these collages of color and shape which resembled paper dolls or little women.  One just led to another and when I hung them on the wall, it was like an explosion of color that was very beautiful.  Ultimately, it became a roadmap to the collection and subsequent collections.  It was a real departure; I’d stumbled on something that became a source of inspiration for so many creations, including this new pair of extraordinary fragrances”

 – Narciso Rodriguez


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