: wearABLE Rupert Sanderson :

shoes to ladies are just the most important thing that affect the whole outfit  – thus, might ruin our mood of the day… having trouble with the shoes you have in the shelves? i guess it’s an universal thing that girls always have this question in mind, “argh… i don’t have a pair of shoes/heels that i can wear every day to match with all my clothes!”

now Rupert Sanderson might give you a little idea about how wearABLE their “Hong Kong” shoes are! modeled by 3 sophisticated local influencers – Jaime Ku (Managing Partner of BUZZ Management), Natalie and Haylie (Hanalie), Candice Chan (Creative Director of J.Candice Interior Architects & daughter of Cafe de Coral Group Director), you can see how versatile these heels can be!

Jaime Ku


Candice Chan


Natalie & Haylie


i simply love “Hong Kong”!! can’t resist no more =P



One Response to “: wearABLE Rupert Sanderson :”
  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    Looking good!!! Love that nothing but heels are being worn with all these outfits. ;)

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