: LUSH Xmas – Chanel :

this Chrismas, CHANEL has brought together rhinestones, black and white, with a fresh floral burst of pastels and acid shades, giving a strong touch of fairytales. to the millions of CHANEL fans out there, time to compose your Christmas wish list for your beloved ones!

style tips by CHANEL for the holiday


24 Dec 2011

for Christmas, accessories take on acid shades and pastel tones.
bracelets and necklaces drip with glass pearl charms, alongside a rhinestone-studded ring and cuff. quilted leather items are delicately swathed in hushed lavender blues and dusty pinks. gentle, innocent flowers bloom in colourful print on a silk stole and perch daintily on a sandal. the glint of a metallic petal lights up the leather camellia.


25 Dec 2011

black and silver is the key – quilted leather wallets take on opulent futuristic hues. earrings sparkle like disco balls. the double C glitters on a tweed pump, while a satin clutch flaunts a jewelled clasp. Mademoiselle Chanel’s favourite flower, the camellia, explodes onto the scene with a glittering makeover: rhinestone-studded blooms bedazzle on rings, brooches and black resin bracelets.


31 Dec 2011

glam rock juxtaposes a classic style with a duo of black and white. a thick black quilted leather cuff gives an edgy twist to the pearly sheen so adored by Mademoiselle, honoured in a pearl necklace and baroque pearl earrings. leather is showcased in a range of finishes: a jewellery box covered with matte leather, a wallet wrapped in patent leather, and a bag boasting a glazed leather finish. black silver-rimmed sunglasses are a Hollywood starlet’s invitation to stay up all night.

get yourselves ready for the most important time of the year (i mean biggest excuse to request for presents apart from your birthday)!




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