: Rupert Sanderson SS2012 Preview :

so happy to have tried on soo many pretty heels at Rupert Sanderson press day…

my fav is this one =P

if you know me, you’ll know why… haha

and this leopard Estelle is waving to me as well… woohooo!

 there are soo many others as well! this coming summer must be a busy one for me! and what’s more, all their shoes are super light and easy to walk with. i always have a big obstacle with platform shoes – the ones with 2″ at the front – especial when you have to walk up and down the streets along LKF and Soho, you’ll need 2 years of practice…

but i’m up for the challenge with Rupert Sanderson as their heels are super comfy*

that platform is with real gold flakes! feel like a Cleopatra wearing it

so… i haven’t really put together a wish list for Xmas nor my bday (which is coming in Jan!! very soon! wink*)…..

courtesy to the pretty lady posing for this pic =P

 i’m seriously thinking maybe i should get a pair of red red red pumps for Xmas – just to get myself a bit more into the mood as i’m still feeling a bit blue with the overwhelming works on hand (which needs to be done before Xmas)… thoughts?




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