: wafer biscuit book :

Hong Kong-based publisher Victionary launched an inventive food packaging book entitled Eat Me: Appetite For Design – elegant new restaurant identities and interior design, and food-based art projects. look at it! i want some wafers now!!! hungryyyyyy xxx g.

: what do we need today? :

enough said xxx g.

: red packet time! :

it’s almost Chinese New Year! for those who are married, you should have got your new notes ready to put into some nice red packets… i’m a big fan of printed matters, so whenever i come to some cool paper textures/prints, i’ll keep it. but i can’t believe some people actually keep red packets just … Continue reading

: i need the sun to give me battery :

just realized how much the weather can affect my mood. it’s quite cold but when there’s sunshine, i’ll be fine. but when the sky is cloudy and dull, i’ll be super grumpy… is it only my problem or is that normal? this is simply a perfect spot for work… spacious, huge windows, SUNSHINE!! i’m planning … Continue reading

: Balmain 2012 S/S in HK :

yes! if you still haven’t been to TST, go go go! BALMAIN is here in hong kong! their new shop is in Harbour City and now showcasing their latest 2012 Spring collection by their new designer Olivier Rousteing. with the washed and softer look, Olivier creates a mood of eagle in america… more sheer floaty … Continue reading

: LUSH Design – Aesop London Soho :

Aesop Soho in London is open! designed by the sextet at Ciguë, the Parisian studio also created Aesop Le Marais and Aesop Merci in Paris. it’s quite surprising that they use enamel – a material borne of a highly technical and sophisticated process – as the stone walls. it was extoled by the pharaohs of … Continue reading

: creative fundamental rule :

there is no right or wrong of being creative. why bother anyway? maybe it’s easier to find some pills to pump up the guts until it’s bigger than the brain…

: i miss reading :

i’ve always wanted a nice big book shelf – very organized, with different categories under my own preferences. reminds me how long i haven’t been reading seriously… right, i’m gonna go to a book shop later today =) this looks like a perfect one!! works best in a loft stretching on a wall up to … Continue reading

: goal for work :

this is my goal: what’s yours??

: empty memory in USB :

ever since i’ve lost many of the important files in my computer, i have bought myself a big memory usb stick and carry along every day… i’ve been looking for one that’s not like the usual plasticky ones – look what i’ve found! click here for details