: a new year, a new start :

time flies and i simply feel that i didn’t catch it quick enough, especially 2011. couldn’t really tell what i’ve done in the past year but i’m just looking forward to a happier year ahead! can you remember the most unforgettable events in your 2011? frankly, i have a bit of a hiccup rethinking apart from all the work stuff… so that’s why i think it’s time to have a little change!!

it’s been great having all of you here reading my sharings! thank you all for your great support over the past year! in this time of a new beginning, i would like to give more personal touches to LUSHGAZINE, providing more topics for discussions and maybe some ad hoc silly thoughts. this is a platform for any free flow of ideas and creative brainstorming – without any boundaries. do feel free to jot us a line if you have any thoughts in mind that you want to dig into or share with people! we are more than happy to post it up and driving a little casual discussion here!

but don’t worry, LUSHGAZINE will still be a design and fun oriented site =) have a great year ahead and hopefully chat with each and everyone of you soon!




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