: sensitivity is key :

lately, i’ve been surrounded by kids, adorable kids. they’re pure white papers and so spontaneous for anyone to mold them into what you want them to be. they are always taste-sensitive if you train them not to eat heavily flavoured food – even a tiny bit of pepper will make them run away and shout SPICY!!!! ; sound-sensitive as they are not used to this new environment – the buses, honks, trains, constructions… ; visually sensitive as this world is soooo colorful…

but the more you experience all these, the more you get used to it and they seem to be sooo normal that you almost forget all about it. almost blind/deaf and feel tasteless about everything.

this Helmut Lang poster and the kids kind of reminds me of what we should be – SENSITIVE. not in a negative way but just to open up all doors to observe more, before voicing out. things can be sooo intriguing if we sit down and think of their mechanics behind. i think this is one of the items in my looooong list of new year resolutions =P tough but workable!




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