: LUSH Design – Aesop London Soho :

Aesop Soho in London is open! designed by the sextet at Ciguë, the Parisian studio also created Aesop Le Marais and Aesop Merci in Paris. it’s quite surprising that they use enamel – a material borne of a highly technical and sophisticated process – as the stone walls. it was extoled by the pharaohs of Egypt, kings of Persia and Chinese imperial dynasties
for its aesthetic qualities and longevity – very historical and precious! but when you look into this white space, it’s just so clean and modern… it’s like a hidden gem! i LURVE white with these woooooden floorings sooooo muuuchh!!! yes, i love materials with proper texture/hand feel and character!

this particular space Aesop Soho occupies today was transformed from farmland to serve as a royal park at the
command of Henry VIII – too bad it didn’t last – while soho was best known by its debaucherous red lights.

that’s probably why i love Aesop – brands who choose their every single detail with a cool historical value =)

would love to pay a visit next time i’m in london! i can already imagine myself dwelling in the pleasant smell of the Parsley face cleanser in there!!!




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