: M.A.C S/S 2012 Trend Presentation by James Molloy :

speaking of coloooorrrs in this coming summer, cannot miss out the important makeup. been invited to the M.A.C SS2012 trend presentation by the renowned James Molloy and i’ve made up my mind to keep my lips as neon as possible for the whole spring!

the bright colors have always been here since the 80s. it might be similar colors but the hues have been adjusted from time to time to make it more modern and contemporary. various new techniques are used to apply the pigments and thus, new looks! i’m sooo obsessed with the flower blossom like lips and a bonus point is – it’s soooo simple to do! just use finger-tips!

super interested in this LIGHTFULLY line!

super cute COOK MAC collection!

and this is super cute SHOP MAC collection – those orange lipstick!! rah!

orangy blush is sooo me!

this book is very nice and useful!!




NEO-N look


 i totally admire makeup artists’ super skills and techniques to draw on faces. it all looks so easy and simple but when i get to do it myself, it either looks the same as what i’ve been so used to do, or, the worst scenario is i always want to try something new when i’m in a rush. and at the end, i’d have to wash my face completely and start from scratch…. nightmare! but i reckon the neon lips can do easy!


oh by the way, all the M.A.C artists and trainers have been very helpful and i’m seriously in love with the skin care products too! definitely going to give it a try!




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