: emo emo emotions :

it’s a very fine day. had a good walk around in the city. just realized i haven’t been out for a while. new stuff, new impact. it somehow made me think about the best way to deal with emotions. trying to learn separating it from work, while keeping it for being a real person. it … Continue reading

: knitted lampshade :

i’m a big fan of chunky knits and i simply fall in love with this Buubok lampshade! but too bad HK is just too humid for this, just worried it might start dripping. truly one of a kind as there is only 1 unique piece. click here for more details! xxx g.

: Shi Tassel Earrings in COLORS! :

more colors are available for the wonderful Shi Tassel Earrings! Just uploaded the pics last night but it’s selling fast! So make sure you order quick to get your pick of color =) more new colors coming! click here to check them all out blue dirty pink dark green xxx g.

: LUSH INSPIRE – Trolley again :

it’s giving me a mixed feeling to see old people picking up papers to bring to recycle people for a few dollars. some couldn’t even afford a trolley to make the job easier… cleaned up the shelf of old books and gave them to an old paper lady i always see… which i could get … Continue reading

: Aaliyah + Idella Gold Bracelet = best combo of the week :

new handmade necklaces available! i simply love using the gold plated garment metal fittings like the bra strap adjustment loops. they are beautiful in itself. almost don’t need any other extra bits to go with them. Aaliyah + Idella Gold Bracelet =┬ámy fav combo of the week. have been wearing them everywhere! click here to … Continue reading

: new accessories – Lush Metal :

have been making some accessories lately… and finally got a few completed here! visit http://g-lush-inspired.myshopify.com/ for more! Facebook page here feel free to give me some comments =) more will be updated very soon! xxx g.

: Marc Jacobs SS12 Preview :

it’s only 4:30pm and it’s so far so busy! loving this pace!! just back from the Marc Jacobs SS2012 Preview – nice atmosphere but too bad i’m in a rush and couldn’t stay for the tea session =( oh those heels are killing me! so feminine! i showed you guys a video of how to … Continue reading

: inspired :

have been very inspired to make some creations lately. and got various ideas in making these handicrafty little things =) it’s these ideas that kept me waking up super early with a freshened mind. i love this feeling! hope it will last forever! mentally and physically staying very healthy at the moment! yes, gym almost … Continue reading

LUSH INSPIRE – fabric rolls :

a sea of rolls and rolls of fabrics taken in Hong Kong xxx g.


just a rose, simple as that. beautiful. to all my lovers. xxx g.