: so it comes finally…. GLUSH/ :

yes Yes YES!!! FINALLY!!! after a year of hard work and preparation, our brand new bag and accessories brand GLUSH/ is out! if you love unisex, fun, and quirky stuff, come to us! right now, we are doing pre-ordering. you can check out our website here and see all the products in detail. email us … Continue reading

: LUSH INSPIRE – Color Pop Buddha :

Cambodia, Phnom Penh xxx g.


yup, thanks Des’ree!! xxx g.

: CHANEL Hair :

gonna do that cause i feel seriously short… CHANEL couture show 2012 Japan xxx g.

: barbies for cool girls :

there are some cooly styled barbie dolls in this issue of schon! magazine . seriously, i’m totally anti-barbies but if my future daughters are playing with these ones, i’m totally ok =P

: LUSH Inspire – Adrian Esparza :

Adrian Esparza at Victoria Miro

: Hello A.Wang! :

Alexander Wang fans in HK listen up!! he’s here. Yes, the shop is here at TST Harbour City! go and make it your church. Address: Shop G105, G/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Kowloon Click here for more details

: adidas originals speakers :

originally i thought it’s a phone when i was looking from a distance…. but wey! they are shoe speakers by these crazy builders at idontoftenbuildthings =P would go quite well along with the macs

: LUSH Vintage – Cristobal Balenciaga :

Cristobal Balenciaga 1960s

: tic toc :

it’s a sunday and sun was shining bright. home with my cat all day. trying to relax while getting stressed with work… looking at my fav nixon watch every now and then, waiting for monday to arrive… it’s still too early for the time to come, but too late for work definitely now i’m craving … Continue reading