: Want some CHEESE? Pencils :

cheese… love it and hate it at the same time love it coz it tastes soooo good hate it because it makes you gain weight… just can’t resist tasting it when you’re cutting them! loving this design from KOREFE – Parmesan Cheese Pencil with sharpener =) brilliant! i think i’m gonna live with cheese and … Continue reading

: ART HK 2012 :

it’s always one of those events of the year that i’ve been waiting for. ART HK 2012 is great and had lots of fun strolling around among the great and fun art pieces. some of them are quite spooky in a way that i think i might have nightmares for a few nights =.= “i … Continue reading

: Sharpen and burn it :

amazing works from Studio Baag at Salone Satellite 2012 with my love of wood, i love the cute design inspirations they used to expand blackout the coat rack is made from six solid beams of maple wood, in which the blackened edges literally have been charred to resemble used old matches. giotto this coffee table … Continue reading

: Sound Sprays Colors :

this recording machine by Rafel Oliva at Milan Design Week is making art in itself – splatters paint onto the walls in response to noise – creating a visual representation of sound. imagine having it in a play room… it’s sooo much fun without any other toys!

: feel the GRASSY-ness :

GLUSH/ has launched a mood video for their bag collection “GRASSY“ it was quite dreamy and very relaxing, rolling on the soft natural grass in a sunny day with summer breeze cute little GRASSY clutches laying with their grass friends – blending in =P check out GLUSH/ Facebook Page and Website

: rock the candy sweet :

was strolling around on a sunday afternoon and walked into this shop – Papabubble the colorful rock candies reminds me of the good old school days… a bit of nostalgia with a clean modern packaging the making of these tiny little candies is a cool process and i could imagine it’s a good exercise it’s … Continue reading


S-C-A-R-Y i had to run miles away to get the whole word in the pic! taken in Shoreditch xxx g.

: Daydreaming with… :

Daydreaming with… HK edition X James Lavelle (of UNKLE / Mo’Wax fame) X Simon Birch X Future Industries it’s on until 7th June at Artistree . totally worth a go my favorite piece… Doug Foster‘s ‘The Heretics’ Gate‘ didn’t realize it’s a pond of water for reflection until someone stepped into it and got soaked … Continue reading

: Instafrenzy :

i admit i’m a bit lazy and not keeping up with the #aphotoaday but this thing is getting me alllll excited! INSTAPRINT !!! how cool is it when the printer can print pics that you tag a specific word with! ME WANT ONE!!!   it’s just soooo fun! i’m sure it’s gonna be another fun … Continue reading