: ART HK 2012 :

it’s always one of those events of the year that i’ve been waiting for. ART HK 2012 is great and had lots of fun strolling around among the great and fun art pieces. some of them are quite spooky in a way that i think i might have nightmares for a few nights =.=

“i sleep on top of myself” by SHEN Shaomin… watch the video below. these little naked creatures are breathing!

and on the other side of the hall, there’s an old lady sitting naked, looking as if she’s dying, with only minimal breathing in the ribs… creepy but some innocent kids almost thought it’s real and kept asking their mums “how come she’s not saying hi to us when we kept waving?!”

“Pure Land” by Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre…. this one looks like a black space with some Buddha drawings… people look very lost in there and finally, we found what was going on. the ipad is linked with some infrared system and is used to view the actual drawings in this space

by one of my fav artists Aakash Nihalani!! it’s always fun and delightful to see his works

he’s been doing an Ad campaign with Lacoste this summer as well!

“Black Hole” by Yin XiuZhen…. loving this cargo diamond

“Single Cloud Collection”…. cute little cloud!! love it

“Know White, Preserve Black”…. ink dripping from high above

this looks sooo real. i want one at home!

very cute tape

this is brilliant! loving the tiny crane details!

it’s a sock… omg

“Out of Disorder” by Takahiro Iwasaki…..i love this artist’s works! very delicate and with clever wit

wig dresses by Dita Gambiro


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