: Aesop X Kapok Pop Up Shop Event:

not long ago i mentioned i am always deeply in love with brands that take an artsy direction… it’s quite a challenging thing to do to appeal to the mass public – that’s even so why i admire them

i know i have been writing about Aesop not long ago but getting to know more about their philosophy, i simply can’t resist to share here

loving the fact that they collaborate with Kapok this time on a travel theme. the 2 brands are sooooo similar that they immediately blend in together!

was talking to Margaret (Marketing Manager for Aesop) as i was very interested in knowing more about the brand. one of the first question i had in mind for quite a while is the packaging.

*why are they all looking the same in dark brown color??

– the reason behind is to focus the resources on the actual product itself. keeping the containers in dark brown color to reduce the possibilities of direct sunlight towards the product inside, thus using less artificial preservatives

they have launched this line with fashion brand A.P.C. last year and i simply love the idea! delicate textile washing detergent and this:

haha! very useful if you are living with someone =)

drip a few drops in the toilet after the serious business… refreshing smell!

and i’m sooo looking forward to their up coming events to celebrate their 25th anniversary this year!! sounds exciting already! will let you guys know when they have the events! keep updating =)




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