: LOEWE Granada – Luxe Inside-Out :

LOEWE has launched a new Granada bag collection last week at the HK Landmark atrium. the space was turned into a mini Alhambra (Spanish city’s luxurious 15th century palace in Granada)

a few pics of how Alhambra looks like in real life

this time, the brand has invited HK celebrity Gigi Leung (her husband is Spanish!) to shoot for the collection in this beautiful place… photography by Angus Chan. feel the power of photography

the event was great that night… had lots of champagne (as usual!) and we chatted away like there’s no tomorrow

Gigi Leung with Rabeea

loving this cute touch of the Spanish peacock hehe

my fav color, and fav material all in one!

the fine details of the bags are all handcrafted, and i was told that it is the same as the making of the Palace – done by all skillful hands.

i still couldn’t believe it… even the interior is LOEWE‘s signature Napa Leather!!! super soft and smooth for the hands to touch. it won’t be an annoying thing if the phone keeps ringing in the bag and having to stick the hands in it to find the phone…

lastly, this is a show-off of what you can’t buy in HK LOEWE shops…. LOEWE cufflinks! i’m a big big cuff links person (i don’t wear them but i looooove guys wearing them hehe) and these ones are simple and nice! i want a pair for myself now…. jealous!!

*excuse my shaky hands as i was a bit drunk*




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