: 25th Anniversary = 25 books at Aesop :

it’s a totally different reading culture here in hk when compared with the western world. and i’m very delighted that a skin care brand is taking this initiative to promote this habit.

this year is Aesop‘s 25th anniversary – and their founder Dennis Paphitis has came up with this idea “25 years of reading” by selecting 25 different books himself, which were published in each year since Aesop was launched in 1987.

you’ll get this leaflet of all the books recommendations when you purchase at any Aesop counters/shops… very useful indeed!


there will be some actual books displayed in the windows of selected shops as well =)

this one is their shop on Lyndhurst Terrace

on top of the recommendation, they will have a joint program with Room To Read, an international charity organization supporting and promoting reading to the less privileged by building local school libraries, helping kids to achieve literacy…etc, on Sept 8, which is World Literacy Day!  Make sure you are at their Hysan Place, Lyndhurst Terrace, and Cityplaza stores to participate.

talking about shops, i have just been to their new counter in Admiralty, the new LAB Concept store in Queensway Plaza. do drop by and check it out!




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