: Abercrombie & Fitch Hong Kong :

it’s crazy! <— that’s what most of the people say here in HK about the opening madness of Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store.

troops of half naked hot guys marching around the tiny city for weeks

and having a crazy party non-stop in the store

here are a few pics of how chaotic it was when they first arrived for a pic session!

the fact that they need to wear everything A&F from the first step out of home makes them all visible – they are A&F models. they were taking the underground to Central, where the shop is… seriously, i’m not stalking… just coincidence!!

the long queue before it all happened

and on the opposite side of the road as well… fyi, this is one of the busiestiest roads in HK Central, right after lunch hour

and yes, people have blocked 1/3 of the road… taxi drivers gone mad

there they are

enjoy girls! shop is open now at Peddar Buidling!

you can find it with your nose. their perfume has filled the whole street

here’s a vid you can watch to get you all excited before you go




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