: Massimo Dutti AW12 – New York Modern Romance :

Massimo Dutti always gives a cozy and easy matchable feeling. very good value for quality leather shoes and accessories as well… this coming season is of no exception. i’m eyeing a few things already

this AW12, they have a New Yorker Modern Romantic style, most items as easy for travel, light and compact.

this jacket is as light as a wind breaker

and look at these babies! my fav green suede!


these earrings are semi-transparent, like natural diamonds with some colors smoke-like swirls in it

these pumps must be very comfy with those chunky heels!

this houndstooth silk trousers is a must-buy! classsshic!


a little close up (please excuse my iphone quality) for the subtle houndstooth

what’s more, i told you the shoes are waving at me

i was told these are available in black too

for ladies’ shoes, all sizes start from 36 (phew!)

seriously, i’ve got a pair of classic flat black leather boots (jockey style) from them 3-4 years ago for below HK$2,000. they are still one of my fav boots and i’m still wearing them! go check out these ones before they go home with someone else




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