: LUSHGAZINE is moving!! :

hi guys, with the growing readers and collaborations, there is a need to move to a bigger home… i’m happy to announce that LUSHGAZINE has moved to a new site! http://www.lushgazine.com lots of new cool posts and features to be posted there… new post up now (at the new site): : Rupert Sanderson AW12 Preview … Continue reading

: 25th Anniversary = 25 books at Aesop :

it’s a totally different reading culture here in hk when compared with the western world. and i’m very delighted that a skin care brand is taking this initiative to promote this habit. this year is Aesop‘s 25th anniversary – and their founder Dennis Paphitis has came up with this idea “25 years of reading” by selecting … Continue reading

: Rome Coliseum X Tod’s :

Rome – what can you think of? my first thought is the jaw dropping Coliseum. it’s one of the most delightful news that a fashion house supports any cultural events, especially cultural heritage. Tod’s has announced sponsoring of the restoration of the Rome Coliseum project, aiming to increase patronage space and providing a service center, … Continue reading

: Clare Rojas x Incase :

San Francisco-based multimedia artist Clare Rojas is one whose work is always with a hidden wit. with the folklore inspired designs, the artist and Incase have collaborated on a series of signature cases (limited edition), adding a soft touch to the tough-looking silhouettes/materials. Campus Pack, Tote Bag, 13″ Protective Sleeve and iPhone Pouch. The collection can be purchased here   also, there … Continue reading

: pop the wall – outdoors :

for decades, building exteriors are often made of stones, glasses, wood, or tiles when designers want to add some patterns to it. workers will then have to do the puzzle to make the exact graphics wanted. i once had a dream about printing a gigantic piece of fabric (when i was in my sumer job … Continue reading

: plasticine pink tiger roar :

it’s been a childhood build-up for me about plasticine. still remember the fun little pasta making machine when i was 5, squeezing out the colorful plasticine with great excitement. there’s this old man selling his cute little plasticine figures on a table cloth around in Causeway Bay (HK, around Paterson Street), and i always feel … Continue reading

: Dot… up your suitcase :

customization is simply fun! a few posts ago i mentioned a customizable bike and now, it’s the suitcase! you can simply color the dot patterns you like on the web at Dot Drops like the pics here below select the base color from white, silver, and black and then color it up!! hahah i had … Continue reading

: JIMMY CHOO X Terry Richardson :

2 hot stuff together = HOT AS HELL! few days ago i have written about the new AW12 JIMMY CHOO collection. hot heels. now i wanna show you the hot hot pics shot inside a sexy antique Rolls Royce Phantom V and behind the scenes during the shoot by hot fashion photographer Terry Richardson. but no nude … Continue reading

: wooden turntables :

with my loooooove of everything wood, i’m having a sparkle with all these beauties! not that i’m trespassing the DJ area but isn’t it cool to have an art piece like this at home? cool organic looking designs by Joel Scilley (audiowood.com). they almost look like those antique chinese tea tables for some kung fu tea! … Continue reading

: V+ by Philip Starck :

V+ by Philip Starck cute car, isn’t it? i’m totally into white at the moment.. but don’t think the tyre will stay clean at all… the choice of grey is clever indeed i wish i can drive around in hk in this haha