: Clare Rojas x Incase :

San Francisco-based multimedia artist Clare Rojas is one whose work is always with a hidden wit. with the folklore inspired designs, the artist and Incase have collaborated on a series of signature cases (limited edition), adding a soft touch to the tough-looking silhouettes/materials. Campus Pack, Tote Bag, 13″ Protective Sleeve and iPhone Pouch. The collection can be purchased here   also, there … Continue reading

: plasticine pink tiger roar :

it’s been a childhood build-up for me about plasticine. still remember the fun little pasta making machine when i was 5, squeezing out the colorful plasticine with great excitement. there’s this old man selling his cute little plasticine figures on a table cloth around in Causeway Bay (HK, around Paterson Street), and i always feel … Continue reading

: wooden turntables :

with my loooooove of everything wood, i’m having a sparkle with all these beauties! not that i’m trespassing the DJ area but isn’t it cool to have an art piece like this at home? cool organic looking designs by Joel Scilley (audiowood.com). they almost look like those antique chinese tea tables for some kung fu tea! … Continue reading

: wooden forest 2by4 :

“2by4” Tautology of the North American Forest by Jesse Mc Lin at I Live Tomorrow Gallery Hong Kong

: Feather Helicopter :

would you like a ride in this feathery helicopter? Joana Vasconcelos – “Lilicoptère” at the Chateau de Versailles, 2012 Photo: Kisa Lala

: Art + Hair Care :

after the legend Vidal Sassoon‘s wonderful creation of art in hair styling, there only seemed to be a major focus on the look of the actual hair and nothing else in the area. i’m seriously surprised (positively) to see Aesop incorporating photography in their launch of new hair care products this caught my eye when i was … Continue reading

: ART HK 2012 :

it’s always one of those events of the year that i’ve been waiting for. ART HK 2012 is great and had lots of fun strolling around among the great and fun art pieces. some of them are quite spooky in a way that i think i might have nightmares for a few nights =.= “i … Continue reading


S-C-A-R-Y i had to run miles away to get the whole word in the pic! taken in Shoreditch xxx g.

: LUSH INSPIRE – handmade wall :

i’m sooo gonna make this wall as a partition in my living room all i need is carton boxes cut-outs! where’s the nearest die-cut machines? hm… maybe thin pieces of wood will look better… ohhhh taken in Hong Kong xxx g.

: LUSH INSPIRE – Big Hand Writing on the Wall :

didn’t even realize what it was until i was on the other side of the road… taken in Paris xxx g.