: roll in the deep :

for people who know me, i don’t like to be on the surface.. that insecurity has been growing inside.. the older you get, the more protective you wanna be. it’s all changed naturally, without any notice, until one day i discovered i’ve been hiding myself for too long, gave up my public writing for inner … Continue reading

: Aaliyah + Idella Gold Bracelet = best combo of the week :

new handmade necklaces available! i simply love using the gold plated garment metal fittings like the bra strap adjustment loops. they are beautiful in itself. almost don’t need any other extra bits to go with them. Aaliyah + Idella Gold Bracelet =┬ámy fav combo of the week. have been wearing them everywhere! click here to … Continue reading

: inspired :

have been very inspired to make some creations lately. and got various ideas in making these handicrafty little things =) it’s these ideas that kept me waking up super early with a freshened mind. i love this feeling! hope it will last forever! mentally and physically staying very healthy at the moment! yes, gym almost … Continue reading