: waking up to kisses :

white tee from H&M blue linen shorts from ZARA men heels from ZARA necklaces from g.lush inspired (my own DIY) lip color from M.A.C Fashion Nomad ……………………… daily mood – so much affected by the weather at the split second when i open my eyes in the morning. a clear bright sky makes my day. … Continue reading


last sunday my little personal project “g.lush inspired” was at this bazaar trunk show at a local wedding gown shop HITCHED! in Sheung Wan. thanks to Leona xx  great fun, great crowd, and THANK YOU everyone for coming =) so this is my little stall.. most of the products are available at http://www.g-lush.com 2 lovely girls … Continue reading

: emo emo emotions :

it’s a very fine day. had a good walk around in the city. just realized i haven’t been out for a while. new stuff, new impact. it somehow made me think about the best way to deal with emotions. trying to learn separating it from work, while keeping it for being a real person. it … Continue reading

: Shi Tassel Earrings in COLORS! :

more colors are available for the wonderful Shi Tassel Earrings! Just uploaded the pics last night but it’s selling fast! So make sure you order quick to get your pick of color =) more new colors coming! click here to check them all out blue dirty pink dark green xxx g.

: Aaliyah + Idella Gold Bracelet = best combo of the week :

new handmade necklaces available! i simply love using the gold plated garment metal fittings like the bra strap adjustment loops. they are beautiful in itself. almost don’t need any other extra bits to go with them. Aaliyah + Idella Gold Bracelet = my fav combo of the week. have been wearing them everywhere! click here to … Continue reading