: roll in the deep :

for people who know me, i don’t like to be on the surface.. that insecurity has been growing inside.. the older you get, the more protective you wanna be. it’s all changed naturally, without any notice, until one day i discovered i’ve been hiding myself for too long, gave up my public writing for inner … Continue reading

: new accessories – Lush Metal :

have been making some accessories lately… and finally got a few completed here! visit http://g-lush-inspired.myshopify.com/ for more! Facebook page here feel free to give me some comments =) more will be updated very soon! xxx g.

: g.lush new black gold :

:: g.lush :: has a new black gold envelop clutch to join the metallic family Black Genuine Leather with Golden Metallic Wipes Envelop Clutch – leather inner flap – magnetic snap – size: 20 X 27cm – HK$480 get yours here official website: http://www.g-lush.com

: g.lush – Distressed new clutch :

along with the new clutch designs for the new Distressed collection, :: g.lush :: has just launched her new website http://www.g-lush.comĀ  special cracked leather with feminine soft ribbon as zipper puller, creating a subtle modern look. the new clutches come in three different colors – dark green, dark red, and charcoal grey – all with … Continue reading

: g.lush – Distressed :

finally!!! i’ve been longing to see the completed products for Distressed for a month!! here comes the loooong clutches with feminine ribbons Cracked Leather Long Clutch with 2-colored Ribbons (CL5) – distressed cow leather – multi-inserts compartment – 34cm X 11cm X 2cm – HK$480 click here for more

: g.lush is now selling in Heaven Please! :

:: g.lush :: is now selling in Heaven Please! more new products coming =) Address: Suite 309, Solo Building, 41-43 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Tel: 2311 9533

: NEW ITEM – Orange Python Print Tote :

Orange Python Print with Leather base and handle Tote (TB00005-0157) – size: 33 X 37 X 12cm – HK$820 click here for more : g.lush :

: NEW ITEM – Leo Leather Tote :

Genuine Leather Tote with Leopard Pattern Pony Hair (TB00001-0038-0116-0001) – body: genuine brown leather – patches: leopard pattern pony hair & yellow leather – size: 36 X 40 X 10cm – HK$1280 click here for more : g.lush :

: One More – NEW Leo :

hehehe… one more =) click here for more bag items Genuine Leather Clutch with Leopard Pattern Pony Hair (CL00006-0038-0116-0001) – body: genuine brown leather – patches: leopard pattern pony hair & yellow leather – size: 31 X 20cm – HK$480

: NEW ITEM Leo – Bag to Basics :

leopard prints is always my favorite. this Leo Bag to Basics Collection is simply a must-have if you love the prints too =) click here for more Leopard Pattern Pony Hair Clutch (CL00004-0116) – genuine pony hair – size: 33 X 19cm – HK$980