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just a reminder that we have moved to http://www.lushgazine.com ! new post there: “black for black-tie” xxx g.

: roll in the deep :

for people who know me, i don’t like to be on the surface.. that insecurity has been growing inside.. the older you get, the more protective you wanna be. it’s all changed naturally, without any notice, until one day i discovered i’ve been hiding myself for too long, gave up my public writing for inner … Continue reading

: sensitivity is key :

lately, i’ve been surrounded by kids, adorable kids. they’re pure white papers and so spontaneous for anyone to mold them into what you want them to be. they are always taste-sensitive if you train them not to eat heavily flavoured food – even a tiny bit of pepper will make them run away and shout … Continue reading

: Helmut Lang – Making it Hard :

Helmut Lang, the name in the fashion industry retired from fashion six years ago. but now, the Austrian-born but NYC-based multi-creative turned his attention to art. this “Making it Hard” exhibition The Fireplace Project in East Hamptons outside New York – he shredded his entire archive, after donating the rest of his collected work to … Continue reading