: Dot… up your suitcase :

customization is simply fun! a few posts ago i mentioned a customizable bike and now, it’s the suitcase! you can simply color the dot patterns you like on the web at Dot Drops like the pics here below select the base color from white, silver, and black and then color it up!! hahah i had … Continue reading

: rock the candy sweet :

was strolling around on a sunday afternoon and walked into this shop – Papabubble the colorful rock candies reminds me of the good old school days… a bit of nostalgia with a clean modern packaging the making of these tiny little candies is a cool process and i could imagine it’s a good exercise it’s … Continue reading

: LUSH VINTAGE – Karl Lagerfeld :

Trend setter Karl Lagerfeld already lead the trend in 1981 in his Memphis-furnished Monte Carlo apartment. look at those color blocks!

: LUSH How – make perfume from vodka :

i’ve always have this problem with perfumes in stores… either they smell too sweet or it’s just not right. what i’m looking for is kind of a natural pleasant smell for myself. this video is very helpful if you are interested to try making one for your own

: nostalgic love :

The sun is finally out! Decided to have a walk on an island to say hello to mr. Sun. Guess what this is!? (tip: it’s not a car)