: barbies for cool girls :

there are some cooly styled barbie dolls in this issue of schon! magazine . seriously, i’m totally anti-barbies but if my future daughters are playing with these ones, i’m totally ok =P Advertisements

: magazine stool :

too many old magazines that you don’t want to throw away? now you can make good use of them as a stool. this cool “Hockenheimer”¬†stool is designed by Njustudio. totally¬†personalize-able! i’m gonna have 10 at home!!

: Jessica Code Fashion Magazine Anniversary Party :

Sorry dearies! Have been away for some weekend retreat and now I’m gonna update you on the events I have attended last week! My friend has invited me to Jessica Code fashion magazine (HK) 7th Anniversary Party last Thursday.It was FUN! Got a bit drunk… please bare with my shaky-handed pics!! Me . Karen . … Continue reading