: waking up to kisses :

white tee from H&M blue linen shorts from ZARA men heels from ZARA necklaces from g.lush inspired (my own DIY) lip color from M.A.C Fashion Nomad ……………………… daily mood – so much affected by the weather at the split second when i open my eyes in the morning. a clear bright sky makes my day. … Continue reading

: plasticine pink tiger roar :

it’s been a childhood build-up for me about plasticine. still remember the fun little pasta making machine when i was 5, squeezing out the colorful plasticine with great excitement. there’s this old man selling his cute little plasticine figures on a table cloth around in Causeway Bay (HK, around Paterson Street), and i always feel … Continue reading

: Kenzo – invitation card design :

invitation cards are always one of the most important thing for any event as it is the first thing guests receive and it determines whether or not they will arrange a schedule for you. first impressions always count Kenzo’s AW2011/12 invitation card design cute floral skull mask

: Kick Eyes Glasses :

this is just fun for the summer! Kick Eyes Glasses┬áhave no lenses – replaced by laser-cut shapes, they’re made of felt, a cheap-and-chic wonder material that bends but never breaks. No more worries about sitting on it or squashing it in your bag =) Kickeyes is inspired by the nerd trend, the pirate eyepatch and … Continue reading

: LOEWE – Cherry Blossom Collection :

for those you know me in person, i bet you have never seen me worn pink… but oh! i feel so pink today! i have to say i’m not the old black-on-black girl anymore… i love colors! somehow the color pink is quite difficult to carry but it’s just magical when it is soft and … Continue reading