: instaglasses :

all crazy about instagram!! first, the insta-printer now the instaglasses! omg! Advertisements

: who doesn’t like Linda Farrow? :

tell me who doesn’t like Linda Farrow’s glasses?!

: LUSH Vintage – Pierre Cardin eyewear :

Pierre Cardin eyewear – the trend leader of shades

: glasses bow-tie :

these glasses are used as bow-ties… loving it! my fav ones are the Cat Eye and D.M.C which one do you like best?

: Linda Farrow White Python :


: vintage glasses my love :

vintage glasses are my all time fav. but it’s just sometimes hard to find a pair that suits myself… maybe i should have a 70s hairstyle to go with all of them… very cute Drew Barrymore makes me think of my mum… haha… i wanna get a bob hair now my fav

: Dolce & Gabbana X Madonna = MDG Sunglasses Collection :

Dolce & Gabbana and Madonna have joint together and launched their new sunglasses line in May 2010! The first 6 styles are already available online at MDG. I personally really like the ad campaign of the collection done by Steven Klein as it is more like a short old movie with a modern twist. A … Continue reading