: waking up to kisses :

white tee from H&M blue linen shorts from ZARA men heels from ZARA necklaces from g.lush inspired (my own DIY) lip color from M.A.C Fashion Nomad ……………………… daily mood – so much affected by the weather at the split second when i open my eyes in the morning. a clear bright sky makes my day. … Continue reading

: roll in the deep :

for people who know me, i don’t like to be on the surface.. that insecurity has been growing inside.. the older you get, the more protective you wanna be. it’s all changed naturally, without any notice, until one day i discovered i’ve been hiding myself for too long, gave up my public writing for inner … Continue reading

: adidas originals speakers :

originally i thought it’s a phone when i was looking from a distance…. but wey! they are shoe speakers by these crazy builders at idontoftenbuildthings =P would go quite well along with the macs

: LUSH INSPIRE – Trolley again :

it’s giving me a mixed feeling to see old people picking up papers to bring to recycle people for a few dollars. some couldn’t even afford a trolley to make the job easier… cleaned up the shelf of old books and gave them to an old paper lady i always see… which i could get … Continue reading

: LUSH Design – Aesop London Soho :

Aesop Soho in London is open! designed by the sextet at Ciguë, the Parisian studio also created Aesop Le Marais and Aesop Merci in Paris. it’s quite surprising that they use enamel – a material borne of a highly technical and sophisticated process – as the stone walls. it was extoled by the pharaohs of … Continue reading

: Emilio Pucci – Pony Pony Pony! :

we are lurving this pony bag from EMILIO PUCCI!!!!!!

: puma by hussein chalayan AW2011 :

puma by hussein chalayan autumn / winter 2011 collection ‘urban mobility’ puma by hussein chalayan takes inspiration from camera mechanics – the collection does a double take and is doubly exposed, simultaneously reflecting upon memory and what is captured within a shutter speed second. travel is ever at the collection’s core, but it is refocused with photographic geometry, … Continue reading

: MOSCOT X Terry Richardson :

Terry Richardson’s glasses are available at MOSCOT now! need some eyeballs?

: swimsuit by Keva J :

deeply in love with this stripy swimsuit by Keva J need some quick work outs!!

: Dsquared AW2011 Campaign :

 art direction – Giovanni Bianco models – Saskia de Brauw, Emily Baker, Adrien Sahores, Bo Develius, Francisco Lachowski styling – Katie Grand hair – Paul Hanlon make-up – Tom Pecheux black and white has always got their mysterious magic on pictures. the textures, silhouettes, and contracts are put to the max. with Dsquared’s hot looks for 2011 fall, i immediately fell in love … Continue reading